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  • Prose - Branding 藝術指導, 圖形設計, 品牌推廣

    編輯人:深圳市頂點企業形象策劃有限公司 發布時間:2018-12-07



    Prose is a new fashion brand from Netherlands. They are upcoming market with new lifestyle handbags. Prose is all about great quality, minimalism, elegance and feminine. Today you don't need to spend most of your time facing your closet and asking yourself what to bring with you on the walk. Because you always have simple, adaptable for any style casual bags from Prose.

    We wanted to show the elegance with simplicity through the design. The typographic logo has his own adaptable additional options for any usage. Rectangles represents variety of bags, their main uniqueness is an easy to open mechanism. Combination of serif and sans-serif typography, gentle color palette, usage of pastel images, elegant geometric shapes make the whole look of Prose brand. 

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